The Marc Bannister Collection website to increase functionality

The Marc Bannister Collection, a unique collection of limited edition die-cast miniature transport models, today (28 June 2013) announces its intention to increase the functionality of its website.

As part of the long-awaited revamp, the advertised domain name will change from to to better reflect its purpose of being a website which houses a collection, as opposed to a trading company.

Marc Bannister is the owner of one of the largest private collections of limited edition die-cast miniature Mini/MINI models in the United Kingdom. To reflect this, from December 2013, substantially all of the 300-plus Mini/MINI models in the Collection will be displayed individually with its own description on the website, to fulfil the three-year-old website’s full potential.

The successful overall design of the website, with its striking white-on-black theme, will be retained.

The Marc Bannister Collection will also seek to promote its website in conjunction with third party organisations.

The forward order book for the Collection remains promising and is on target to reach over 475 transport models in total by 5 September 2013, when a further announcement will be made.

Marc Bannister BSc today said:

“At last browsers will now be able to see the true extent of the Collection and this enables the website to be the all-in-one place to find out everything about the 300 different limited edition versions of Mini/MINI model cars there are in total.”


1. The Marc Bannister Collection was established in July 2001 by Marc Bannister and today comprises 464 transport models.

2. The Marc Bannister Collection owns the domain names,, and

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