The Marc Bannister Collection announces its intention to separate The Marc Bannister Network

The Marc Bannister Collection (“the Collection”) today (27 March 2013) announces its intention to separate The Marc Bannister Network (“the Network”) from the Collection.

Since the formation of Marc Bannister’s Blog in October 2012, and its subsequent re-branding as the Network in March 2013, there has been a diversification in the strategy of the Collection which, if continued, will result in a lack of focus in the Collection’s core purpose of acquiring limited edition die-cast miniature transport models.

It has therefore been decided that both the Collection and the Network would obtain their best chance of success in the future if they were run separately and independently from each other, albeit still having a common association.

The Marc Bannister Collection will retain control of the “Marc Bannister” name, the domain names,, and It will also retain the Twitter account User name

The Marc Bannister Network will obtain the domain names, and will obtain the Twitter account User name. It will also obtain the Bebo account, the Myspace account and the YouTube account

The completion of the separation will occur in June 2013. A further announcement will be made in due course.

Marc Bannister BSc today said:

“Following the separation of the Network from the Collection, there can be greater focus, enhanced flexibility and operational excellence from both creations”.


1. The Marc Bannister Collection was established in July 2001 by Marc Bannister and today comprises 464 transport models.

2. The Marc Bannister Network is available at

All enquires to


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