Marc Bannister’s Annual Statement 2013

The past year has seen significant change for the Collection and for its divisions, most notably by becoming the owner of one of the largest private collections of limited edition die-cast miniature Mini/MINI cars in the United Kingdom.

As at 31 January 2013, there were 319 Mini/MINI models, 29 Eddie Stobart models, three model trains and 13 model aeroplanes, leaving a total collection of 464 models. Once again, there are no duplications in the Collection. This compares to 302 Mini/MINI models, 28 Eddie Stobart models, three model trains and 11 model aeroplanes, leaving a total of 427 models on 31 January 2012. There was therefore an increase of 17 Mini/MINI models, one Eddie Stobart model and two model aeroplanes. There was no change in the size of the Collection from 31 January to 27 March. As anticipated, due to a number of events last year, such as the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, the pace of increase accelerated.

Following strong browser demand, in October 2012, Marc Bannister’s Blog at was launched, which shares the model collector’s thoughts on the latest in the marketing and promotions of new model transport items and transport-related companies, along with the one exception of a post featuring a BBC Crimewatch video relating to the Lee Boxell disappearance. Following a re-launch as The Marc Bannister Network at, with a more formal appearance and editing style, and a website design in keeping with the core Collection website at, browser numbers have now reached high levels. Given the diversification of the Network in relation to the Collection, now with little in common, the Collection today (27 March 2013) announced the separation of the Network from the Collection, which now returns to its core purpose of collecting model transport models.

As at the close of trade on Friday 25 January 2013, the value of an IAG ordinary share was 223.00p, leading to a total value of 200 ordinary shares of £446. This compares with an ordinary share price of 177.90p at the close of trade on Friday 30 January 2012, which valued 200 ordinary shares at £355.80. The value of the stake in IAG has therefore increased by £90.20, or 25.35%. During the year, the company acquired bmi British Midland, and subsequently sold off bmi Regional and closed down Bmibaby. There has also been a restructuring at Iberia.

As at the close of trade on Friday 25 January 2013, the value of a Stobart ordinary share was 100.40p, valuing 100 ordinary shares at £100.40. As at the close of trade on Friday 30 January 2012, the value of a Stobart ordinary share was 128.00p, valuing 100 ordinary shares at £128. This represents a fall of £27.60 which equates to a 21.56% decline over the past year. This shareholding continues to be a long term investment. The ordinary share price of Stobart has continued to deteriorate, and on Tuesday 26 March 2013 (being the last business day before the release of this Annual Statement), the Stobart ordinary share price stood at 80.50p, valuing 100 ordinary shares at £80.50, a further fall of £19.90 or 19.82%. On Thursday 9 August 2012, Stobart acquired the car transporter Autologic for £12.4 million, and appointed Autologic Chief Executive, Avril Palmer-Baunack, as Stobart Deputy Chief Executive. On Monday 21 January 2012, the long standing Stobart Non-Executive Chairman Rodney Baker-Bates stood down and is now in the reduced role of a Non-Executive Director until March 2013. Avril Palmer-Baunack took over as Executive Chairman, being promoted from Deputy Chief Executive, whilst another Non-Executive Director, David Beever, also stood down. He will be replaced later this year. The company is in the middle of a three year corporate strategy, and changing direction or course of the company and/or its strategy at this stage may add further uncertainty to the long term value of the business.

I see another good year of transport collecting in prospect.

Marc Bannister, BSc


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