Autumn Update 2013

The Marc Bannister Collection, a unique collection of limited edition die-cast miniature transport models, is pleased today (5 September 2013) to provide an update on its progress.

As anticipated, the Collection comprised 476 transport models as at the date of this press release, including 325 Mini/MINI models. There was no impact as a result of the largest model transport retailer going into administration.

Cataloguing the Collection is under way and it is anticipated that substantially all of the pre-eminent Mini/MINI model collection will be displayed on in December 2013, as scheduled.

The opportunity to set up a trading operation continues to be explored and a firm announcement will be made in due course.

The Collection looks to the future with confidence.

Marc Bannister BSc today said:

“Once again the Collection continues to grow ahead of targets and we are looking forward to the potential of retailing in the future”.


1. The Marc Bannister Collection was established in July 2001 by Marc Bannister and today comprises 476 transport models.

2. The Marc Bannister Collection’s website is available at

3. The Marc Bannister Collection also owns the domain name and consideration is now being given as to whether this domain name can be used for other purposes.

All enquires to


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